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Welcome to an experience of the special manner. Friedrichstadt is a little world for itself.

Canal tour in Friedrichstadt

Get into a new world and take your time e.g. for a comfortable canal tour through the canals of the only Dutchman town in Schleswig-Holstein.

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Or you investigate the place from another perspective with one of our electrical, pedal or rowing boats, an experience of the special type.

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After this perhaps one visit in our neat restaurant café  "Schröder line".

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Excursion on the Treene

FGS "Jupiter"

Set your soul free and experience a completely different beauty of the landscape with us

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Combine a ship and driving cycle tour.

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Whether organization or group of tourists with our special journeys you have a highlight in the program.

In addition, you have the possibility to charter one of our ships.More information

Excursions on the Kiel fjord and on the north Baltic Sea canal.

The man-made waterway of the world most driven on: The north Baltic Sea canal.

Excursions on the Kiel fjord and on the north Baltic Sea canal.

The north Baltic Sea canal also is called the street of the dream ships. The luxury liners pass it on their way between the north and Baltic Sea.

Experience the street of the world most driven on with our passenger boats from the water!


Special excursions in the context of the annual "Kiel week":

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Our headquarters in the Dutchman small town Friedrichstadt.



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