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Excursions with pedal electrical, or rowing boats


Be your own captain on the canals and on the Treene in Friedrichstadt and rent our modern and very popular Elekto, step or rowing boats.

Additional information: Small children and baby ` s count respectively as one person (Regulations of the river police). If children under 14 years are on board there must be an adult on board, too. Persons who are not able to lead a boat intellectually or physically independently , mustn't lead this without company. This is especially to apply for inebriated or intoxicated persons, the use of the boats can be forbidden. Get on the boat and change between the boats and the country side to own risk. Collisions with other boats or damages of the quays etc. has to be avoided. The tenant of the boat is liable for arising damages. At adverse weather conditions driving on some canals or the Treene is forbidden.


  • groups on request
  • not possible to transport wheelchairs
  •  not possible to transport bicycles



The general terms of freight of the shipping company are valid. For loss of trips, caused by technically and navigationally failures, the shipping company doesn't assume any liability.


[Translate to English:] Preise:

  • Pedal (max. 4 persons): 10,00 €
  • Rowing boats (5 persons): 10,00 €
  • Electrical boats (5 persons): 25,00 €

Group offer: water boats rally

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