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How everything started

Günther Schröder already gained his ship experience as ship's boy as 14-year old boy, primarily in the inland navigation. He then sailed around for the HADAG and the Hamburg sea tourism in the Hamburg port, on the Elbe and in the North Sea. During this time he also has received his bargeman patent.


As chance wants it so, the Friedrichstädter canal captain Karl Foth paid a visit to his brother in Hamburg in 1969 and learned to know Günther Schröder, who had already a little launch, this one called Apollo. Günther Schröder returned the favour with a "return visit" in 1970-  the annual vacation was spent in Friedrichstadt. Friedrichstadt and the surrounding landscape have impressed him so that he decided to move to Friedrichstadt. And carrying out a regular traffic to Schwabstedt.


It then really started in 1971: Günther Schröder bought the canal ship of Karl Foth and even further boats, Pedals were acquired, the tourism in Friedrichstadt got an enormous push through this. And even today, we improve ourselves and continue our investment.

This is the Friedrichstädter Grachten- and Treene-Shipping-Line

Kapitän Günther Schröder.

Today we dispose after all about 35 years:

  • seven Grachtenships

  • Ships for the rivers Treene and Eider

  • Ships for the Nord-Ostsee-Kanal

  • Beförderungskapazitäten von 75 to 250 Persons

  • Restaurant-Café in Friedrichstadt

Friedrichstädter Grachten- u. Treeneschifffahrt Günther Schröder - Büro: Am Markt 17, 25840 Friedrichstadt
Tel. + 49 (0) 48 81 - 87 63 95, Fax: + 49 (0) 48 81 - 72 87
Anleger in Friedrichstadt: Stapelholmer Platz, 25840 Friedrichstadt, Tel. + 49 (0) 48 81 - 87 63 94