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canal excursions in Friedrichstadt

You will sail around in the canals of the Dutchman area of Friedrichstadt, called the „Venice of the north“ and recognized health resort, to the port and the sluice as well as on the Treene to the water lily flower with well-informed and humorous explanations about the town history, the sights and the Treenelandschaft. City guides take over the leadership in Dutchman dress and tell the story and the stories Friedrichstadt on request.

Experiencing Friedrichstadt ....

However, small and clear but not to ignore- that is Friedrichstadt. The town was founded 1621 under duke Friedrich III of Schleswig Gottorf by Remonstrants in the exile. The name of the town keeps the memory of its princely builder. Photo friends come to a real "photo safari" to Friedrichstadt. The picture of the town is today still mastered by remarkable old houses with stairs gables of the Dutch renaissance. At a stroll through the old streets one meets at every step witnesses from the 375 years past of the town: Old and venerable house façades and dreamy corners which invite to looking and taking a photograph. Who stays in this idyllic historical small town feels the healthy climate of the nearby North Sea and can enjoy the cosy atmosphere in the local catering trade at good meal and drinking. The canals lay out by the Dutchmen form an artistic frame into which the lovable small town was installed to.

Experience Friedrichstadt with us!


Information kanal tours


  • MS Apollo (110 Pers.), open                        
  • MS Friedrichstadt (90 Pers.), open
  • MS Klein Venedig (85 Pers.), open
  • MS Carl.Foth (75 Pers.), considered
  • MS Stapelholm (90 Pers.), half-considered
  • MS Klein Amsterdam (91 Pers.), considered


Season/departure times :


from 01. April bis 31. Oktober


departure all 30 minutes


from our port 

at least 10 person presupposed


Travels outside of the season are possible on request



  • Adult € 10,00              
  • Children until                                     14 years € 5,-     
  • Children until 5 years free
  • Groups price on request


If you should have wheelchair users in your group:

On our boats the taking along is mostly not possible limited by wheelchairs only, electrical wheelchairs dont work. Please call us ago under Tel. (04881) 7365.

The general transport conditions of the shipping company apply. For technical and nautically the shipping company does not take over caused losses Adhesion.

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