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- Excursion, dance- and moonlight journeys on the idyllic Treene to Schwabstedt and back.

The Treene is the biggest tributary stream of the Eider, about 98 km long. The Treene was an important sales route in the Viking age which connected the east and North Sea. In addition, she was hiding place of Claus Störtebeker. The water lily flower bloom on the Treene starts in the middle of June and ends at the end of August.

The health resort Schwabstedt is due to the lower stretches of the idyllic Treene, which is an angler paradise because of its pure water and richness in fish, there where the hilly landscape changes to the  extensive river marsh. The place Schwabstedt is located on a rest from the Saale-ice-age. Elevation highly in the municipality of Schwabstedt, is after all 43 m, one of the highest in the complete circle north frieze country. The 750 years old Schwabstedt was diocesan town of Schleswig-Holstein once. The picturesque woods, moors and heath areas around Schwabstedt in which game animals, curlew and otters are at home, as well as the varied Treenepartien were already described by Theodor Storm in his novella "To the woods and water joy" and "Renate". You experience recreational forest in the Lehmsieker state forest with its old beeches and oak inventory which count Schleswig-Holstein as one of the most beautiful ones in the country. This forest and the "wild bog" delimit Schwabstedt to the north, the lowland bog "Westerkoog" to the west. The surrounding of Schwabstedt is developed by beautiful walk and cycle tracks which lead the nature-lover through a charming and varied landscape and offer various, broad views.

Information Treenetours


MS "Jupiter" up to 200 Personen



01. Juni to 31. August on Wednesdays, Saturday and Sundays


Departure times:

  • 14:00 Uhr from Friedrichstadt
  • 15:00 Uhr on Schwabstedt
  • 16:00 Uhr from Schwabstedt
  • 17:00 Uhr on Friedrichstadt


Travel duration:

  • simple travel  (Friedrichstadt - Schwabstedt or Schwabstedt - Friedrichstadt) - 1 hour
  • route and return trip with one hour stay in Schwabstedt - 3 hours


  • Simple travel: Adult 15,00 €, children €10,00
  • Hin- und Rückfahrt: Adult 20,00€,   children (from 5 to 14 years)10,00€  
  • children under 5 years: free 
  • Groups price: on request   


The general transport conditions of the shipping company apply. For technical and nautically the shipping company adhesion does not take over caused losses.

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