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North Baltic Sea canal Tours: Kiel – Rendsburg – Kiel

Technical masterpieces, ships from all the world as well as culture and nature pure-North Baltic Sea canal has a lot to offer: calm nature reservations, imposing bridge buildings, picturesque villages and maritime flair. A little wanderlust is also there. Because:

Ships, ships, again and again ships cross the way. Splendid luxury liners and impressive high sea ships abbreviate their way overseas on the almost 100 kilometres long canal.


We start with you on schedule on Tuesday and on Saturdays at 09:45 o'clock and sail through the Kiel fjord, along Norwegian-quay and Sweden-quay, two pivots for the navigation traffic to Scandinavia. Ferryboats with skyscraper character lie in the midst of the city of Kiel. We sail along the buildings of the Land government behind the quay Blücherbrücke. The Tirpitzhafen in which units of the federal navy are since Kiel is a navy location and then into the Holtenauer sluice. After passing the sluice the navigation goes on to Rendsburg on the north-east sea canal which was opened on June 21st, 1895. We hope that you have also opportunity on this journey to meet one of the dream ships which regularly drive on the canal. We then reach the harbour of Obereider, Rendsburg, toward 13.30 o'clock. We leave Rendsburg again after a 30-minute stay and the possibility to get on the ship and drive back to Kiel which we reach toward 17.30 o'clock again.


Of course it insists the possibility to e.g. cycle along of the route directly at the canal and take only one distance with our passenger boat. The canal is very popular for strollers and cyclists because  the side road lead along at the canal -actually laid out for repair, conversation and rescue work- strollers and cyclists are allowed to use. The side can be changed at own discretion in the ferry places. A journey of Kiel to Friedrichstadt or reversed is also possible on request. 11 hours have to be included in one's plans for a way. Additionally to the journey on the north Baltic Sea canal, how in front of described, we lay out in Rendsburg nearby the railroad high bridge/aerial ferry and ship welcoming enclosure. After a short stay with possibility to get on the ship we continue on the canal direction Brunsbüttel to turn into the canal of Gieselau just behind the ferry Oldenbüttel. There is also one interesting sluice by which we reach the Eider. Via Lexfähre, Pahlhude, Süderstapel we come to the sluice of Nordfeld. We have already reached almost the sluice into the port of Friedrichstadt when the street bascule bridge then has opened for us in front of us. After we have passed these, we already lay out in the new port, too. Then you can enjoy the evening in Friedrichstadt and stay at a hotel or at one of the very good privet accommodations to start the way back again on the next day. For which reasons a journey is "enough" for you, it would be also possible to reach Kiel with the train or with the bus transfer organized by us.




  • Each Tuesday and Saturday
  • 09:45 o'clock from Kiel- approximately 13.30 in Rendsburg
  • 14:00 o'clock from Rendsburg- approximately 17:30 in Kiel


Change in case of special journeys possible!

Please, for journeys during the Kiel week click here!



Outward journey and the way back:

  • Adults: 40,00 €
  • Children (from 5 to 14 years): 20,00 €
  • Children under 5 years: free
  • Groups: on request


    One way (Kiel - Rendsburg or Rendsburg - Kiel):

  • Adults: 25,00 €

  • Children (from 5 to 14 years): 15,00 €

  • Children under 5 years: free

  • Groups: on request


    Possibilities of the journey or the return journey with train or car:

  • to Kiel

  • to Rendsburg

    The general terms of freight of the shipping company are valid. For loss of trips, caused by technically and navigationally failures, the shipping company doesn't assume any liability. 

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