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For more than 35 years we offer our customers an extensive program in and around the Dutchmen village Friedrichstadt.


What about a day program? Then this is part of it:


-         About one hour you will sail around in the canals of the Dutchman area of Friedrichstadt, and with well-informed and humorous explanations about the town history, the sights and the Treenelandschaft.

-          City guides take over the leadership in Dutchman dress and tell the story and the stories Friedrichstadt afterwards we can offer a

-         Full course dinner consisting of three dishes (please choose from our menu) in our own café-restaurant “Schröder-Linie”, suitable for the handicapped, too.

-         We then sail on the Treene from Friedrichstadt to Schwabstedt and back with our FGS "Jupiter" .In Schwabstedt is a stay from about an hour. There is the possibility of visiting the church with the famous altar, to go to the museum of local history and culture or simply to enjoy nature. On the way back we serve:

-         A coffee & cake menu (coffee or tea as much as you want with two pieces of cake per person).


We would like to offer you this day program at a flat-rate price of 49,00 euro per person. No minimum participation is required.

Registration is asked for.


Canal excursions

Guided city tour

Full course dinner

Excursion on the Treene with coffee & cake menu

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