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The Dutchman village Friedrichstadt

The town was founded 1621 under duke Friedrich III of Schleswig Gottorf by Remonstrants in the exile who were pursued because of their religion in their native country. Besides economic privileges which should help to make the town a meaningful trade centre religious freedom was granted. Constitution and administration of the town were organized after a Dutch example. Up to first half of the 18th century the advice protocols were written in Dutch. The part of the town which is older and characterized of the Dutch renaissance is run through by a canal named middle castle moat. Another canal, the northern canal, was already 1705 filled up with earth. The arid of the town offer living space for innumerable ducks. Churches:

There are five religious confraternities in Friedrichstadt: The church of the Remonstrants (1852-1854) houses the only Remonstrants confraternity in Germany. Furthermore there do exist the Protestant Lutheran church St. Christopher’s (1649) at the middle castle moat and the Roman Catholic St. Knuth church (1854) at the royal castle moat. The prayer hall of the confraternity of the Mennonites is found in "The old coin". This one is also used by the eve Lutheran Danish municipality. Nowadays the former synagogue houses no more Jewish municipality. The town is developed by the ports to Eider and Treene, the railroad track Hamburg-Westerland, as well as the federal roads B 5 and B 202. Source:



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